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Our instructors

Larry- taiji/qigong/white crane/push hands

Larry has been training for over forty two years in the internal martial arts. He has trained in South Africa, Holland, Japan and New Zealand and is currently the head instructor for Taiji Sydney

"This training has lead me to a natural self confidence, a heightened state of awareness, deeper concentration, more self confidence and an understanding of the different methods of movement leading to an understanding of meditation."

" I borrow from the systems I have studied and work diligently on those aspects which suit my abilities, and it is for students to experience the personal benefits of this training and draw their own conclusions."


  • Gain confidence
  • Internal strength development
  • Joint Flexibility
  • Muscle dexterity
  • Co-ordination and Balance
  • Health and Fitness
Zoltan - tai-chi/qigong assistant instructor

Zoltan has been training for many years and has a keen interest in the philosophical,spiritual and energetic side of taiji as well as his perfection of the forms.

He is a keen sportsman (table tennis/squash/tennis), an avid motorbike rider, father of four and with an energetic sense of humour and love of the training.

  • International Sports Enthusiast
  • Tai-Chi and Qigong Assistant Instructor 2017
  • From Hungary


  • Balance Yin and Yang
  • Personal development
  • Explanation of basics
  • Short/Long Tai-Chi Forms
  • Tai-Chi inches
  • Energy Circulation
Patrick -bodywork/yoga/tai-chi

Patrick has for the past 18 years been practicing in a number of different types of body work including but not limited to traditional yoga, alchemy, chi gong, massage and more specifically tai-chi. His interests and awareness focus on the body it’s muscles, tendons, bones, external senses and internal sensors and as a result the inner workings of the mind!

  • International Yoga, Body work and Tai-Chi Instructor
  • Humanitarian in Papau New Guinea
  • Body work/yoga/tai-chi Assistant instructor

Self Discipline

  • Gain confidence
  • Strength development
  • Development speed
  • Increase dexterity
  • Increase stamina
  • An athletic body
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